067. Turtle? - Mycenaean

067. Turtle? - Mycenaean

H: 5.1 cm
Provenance: no indication; Greece?
Late Mycenaean III
1400-1200/1150 B.C.

Fashioned by hand of clay with some use of a spatula-like instrument. Some of the surface smoothed with the help of a brush.

Condition: chamois colour clay with slight reddish hue on flat top, painted, decoration of lines, curves and circles in rust-red.

For the purpose, see remarks cat. no. 63.
The identification is most hypothetical.

Its three legs relate it (symbolically?) to three-legged thrones, which might indicate a religious purpose [1]; but also its flat top would be appropriate for a table or altar.

Exhibited and Published:
Art Antique, cat. no. 81, ill.

1 Mylonas, G.E.: Seated and multiple Mycenaean figurines, in: Studies presented to Hetty Goldman (New York, 1956), p. 118 ff.