091. Kylix - Archaic

091. Kylix - Archaic

H: 15.6 cm. Diam: 17.7-18.1 cm
Provenance: no indication
Cypriot, Bichrome IV Period
7th century B.C. (Cypro-Archaic I)

Before firing, the body of the vessel and the foot made separately on the wheel; the foot affixed and handles added, using a spatula or similar instrument; and the decoration painted on in black and red, whence the term bichrome.

Condition: the black paint with red highlights on the creamy background in very good condition, slight wear here and there with some yellowish-brown limestone deposits. A slight crack with a little chip on the centre of the rim above the he-goat.

The body is divided horizontally by a ridged line painted in black and in each register and on both sides, long rectangles are marked off by a group of vertical black lines. The scene represents a winged he-goat sniffing a bird-flower. The reverse is similar but with a she-goat facing right.

The representations are full of humour and spirit in keeping with the Cypriot character of the period, also attested by contemporary production of terracotta horses and riders.

The artist has given a certain free rein to his imagination for his painted decoration is light and airy and his goats have flowers with birds' eyes either growing out of or appearing from behind their wings.

The inside of the kylix is decorated with multiple concentric black circles with a large red band below the rim and a smaller black one on the bottom.

Exhibited and Published:
Art Antique, cat. no. 131, ill.

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