099. Hedgehog (plastic vase) - Archaic

099. Hedgehog (plastic vase) - Archaic

H: 5.565 cm. L: 6.2 cm
Allegedly from Etruria
Rhodes or Naucratis
Second quarter of the 6th century B.C.

Made of glazed composition imitating Egyptian ware.

Condition: glazed blue-green with details in blackish brown. Infinitesimal chips.

For general remarks see cat. no. 96.

The shape of the neck and mouth derives from the Corinthian aryballos. The space between the handle and the neck served for suspension.

Examples abound [1], and among many comparisons, there are two in Rhodes [2].

Exhibited and Published:
Art Antique, cat. no. 141, ill.

Archaeology Glossary

1 For a general discussion see Webb, V.: Archaic Greek Faience. Miniature scent bottles and related objects from East Greece, 650-500 B.C. (Warminster, 1978).

2 Archaeological Museum 2586, 2787.