103. Hare - Archaic

103. Hare - Archaic

L: 8.1 cm
Allegedly from Etruria
c. 600-590 B.C. (Early Middle Corinthian)

Condition: the light cream-coloured Corinthian clay covered with painted decoration in red, matt purple and some dark brown and black.

A suspension hole through the joined ears.

For general remarks see cat. no. 96.

This lively hare, symbol of love, has a very close parallel in an example from Eretria [1] which in our opinion is by the same hand, though the point of the snout is painted slightly differently.

Exhibited and Published:
Meisterwerke griechischer Kunst, cat. no. II 122,
pp. 148, 147 ill.

Ducat, J.: Les vases plastiques corinthiens, BCH 87, 1963,
no. 13, p. 442.

1 Athens, National Museum 3929: Ducat, J.: BCH 87, 1963, p. 443 fig. 10.