052. Male Votary - Minoan

052. Male Votary - Minoan

H: 6.8 cm
Provenance: no indication; Psychro? [1]
Classical Style (unusual), LM Ia-LM II
c. 1530-1400 B.C.

Solid-cast by the lost wax process, the feet resting on a vertical rectangular element which would have been used as the entry channel, a small outcropping at its lower end from the pouring. Some cold-working, as on the separating line between the buttocks and the legs, front and back.

Condition: patina blackish to medal-brown, traces of green malachite and red cuprite with a few remains of brown earth deposit. Fairly smooth surface.

Ascribed by Verlinden to the Classical Style and dated to the second half of the Neo-Palatial period. She finds the piece unusual, since it partakes of earlier classical characteristics. One may compare its volume with the statuette cat. no. 51; and a statuette in Berlin [2] for the position of the hands, the modelling of the arms and torso and the face (to some degree for the frontal view but certainly not for the profile); moreover, the Berlin statuette is far more static.

On view: Musée d'Art et d'Histoire, Geneva: 1968-1969

Exhibited and Published:
Art Antique, cat. no. 73, ill.

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1 Suggested by C. Verlinden.

2 Antikenmuseum 31762: Verlinden, cat. no. 95.