180. Archer

180. Archer

H: 13.34 cm. W: 10.43 cm
Allegedly from Oliena (Nuoro)
9th-7th century B.C.

Solid-cast by the lost wax process and cold-worked.

Condition: patina sandpaper to smooth pale greyish green with specks of cuprite and green cuprous chloride and traces of whitish limestone deposits. Small casting burrs still visible.

A crack through upper part of bow and a fissure on bowstring. Both legs missing from below tunic.

For the explanation of why this figure is a fighting archer, please refer to his companion, cat. no. 179: like him his left forearm is protected by a brassard.

The same remarks hold true for both examples: his shirt and shorts are similar, and though his legs are completely missing, they must also have worn knee-guards. Very similar but with slight differences and though better executed, e.g. the small case next to the quiver is carefully shaped, he is surely from the same workshop as his companion.