049. Vase - Cycladic

049. Vase - Cycladic

H: 10.2 cm. W: 12.1 cm (with handles)
Provenance: no indication; Syros?
Early Cycladic II, Keros-Syros Culture
2700-2300 B.C.

Ex collection:
Count Chandon de Briailles

Condition: surface with incrustation and a certain amount of corrosion on the inside; minor chips on foot and rim.

This darkish grey vessel with its wide mouth has a pair of double tubular lugs and a flaring foot.

The attribution to Syros is based on the colour of the marble, on the workmanship, and by comparison with terracotta vessels of very similar style from Syros, of which there are several examples in the National Museum in Athens.

A close comparison, as far as can be seen from a small reproduction, is the marble vessel of the same type found in 1976 in a Cycladic tomb on Naxos [1]. It is not as fine in workmanship and slightly damaged.

The masterful execution and harmonious proportions are found on a vase [2] of Parian marble from a grave on Naxos, dated Early Cycladic II.

In view of the similarity of the foot and the perfection of the workmanship, we conclude that the Naxos vessel must have been made either locally by an artist from Syros or imported from Syros. It may be from the same workshop as our vase.

On view: Musée d'Art et d'Histoire, Geneva: 1971-1973

Exhibited and published:
Art Antique, cat. no. 36, ill.
Kunst der Kykladen, cat. no. 344, pp. 512, 330 ill.

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