050. Female Votary - Minoan

050. Female Votary - Minoan

H: 5.7 cm
Provenance: no indication; mountain sanctuary on the Iuktas? [1]
Neo-Palatial I, MM III
1700-1580 B.C.

Solid cast by the lost wax process, grooving done in the cold.

Condition: patina dark green to lighter green with many parts the colour of anthracite to brown. The face somewhat abraded revealing rust-reddish cuprite. Casting excrescences on right side of face and neck, in both armpits and around feet.

Ascribed by Verlinden to the Neo-Palatial, "period of formation" and as an early example of the group on account of certain analogies with her numbers 3 and 4 of the previous, Paleo-Palatial phase.

These have not been illustrated, but we may observe striking differences from her number 13, which she calls representative for the period.

Verlinden, C.: Les statuettes anthropomorphes crétoises en bronze et en plomb du IIIe millénaire au VIIe siècle av. J.C. Archaeologia Transatlantica IV (Providence/Louvain-la-Neuve, 1984), no. 15, p. 185, pl. 5.

1 Suggested by C. Verlinden.