062. Female Votary - Minoan

062. Female Votary - Minoan

H: 7.38 cm
Provenance: no indication; Psychro? [1]
Sub-Minoan I
1100-1000 B.C.

Solid-cast by the lost wax process, the arms hammered.

Condition: patina brownish metal with red cuprite throughout.

Wearing a bonnet, matronly in her attitude and exuding pride, she exemplifies a Post-Palatial naive naturalism as well as the survival of certain Minoan characteristics, such as the skirt and its belt, and the manner of casting (note the small knob still attached to the channel below the skirt).

The gesture of her arms is the one most frequently observed in the diversity of the Sub-Minoan period.

Verlinden, C.: Statuettes, no. 191, p. 215, pl. 78.

1 Suggested by C. Verlinden.