Past Exhibitions

The George Ortiz Collection has been shown on four notable occasions at some of the worlds finest museums.

In Pursuit of the Absolute. Art of the Ancient World from the George Ortiz Collection

Excerpts from visitors' letters

" a great part of the exhibition's strength lies in the 'choreography' of the artifacts. Yes, each individual object is exquisite in itself and has its own personality and statement to make, but it is the precision placing of each piece in its relation to its 'performing' and its grouping which creates such charged magic. You have an extraordinary eye, a Master Choreographer's perception of freeing the spirit through simplicity of movement... This was a 'dance' entirely of your creation and very beautiful. I have been to many major exhibitions in both galleries and museums, but never have I felt such a keen sense of partnership between exhibitor and exhibits. There is an obvious chemistry, a refreshing coupling, indifferent to the persuasions of academia."

Julia Simonne, dancer/choreographer, painter/poet
London. 25 February 1994

A selection of public letters following the exhibition