George Ortiz: In Pursuit of the Absolute

"The catalogue... is just resplendent, a real example of what perfectionism in everything is about."
George Ortiz

This handsome publication comprises the detailed description of some 280 objects of the George Ortiz Collection in color illustrations covering the various cultural areas of the origin; it is a must for all archaeological institutions, museums and university libraries as well as for lovers of beauty and works of art of outstanding quality.

George Ortiz Catalogue

Unidroits Papers

FOR THE FREE CIRCULATION OF WORKS OF ART - ‚Äča critical assessment of the 1970 Unesco Convention and 1995 Unidroit Convention 



Intervention of George Ortiz, UNIDROIT on the occasion of the round table conference on the theme, ‘Pour un avenir du marché de l’Art’ at the Université Paris Dauphine

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