Past Exhibitions

The George Ortiz Collection has been shown on four notable occasions at some of the worlds finest museums.

Antiquities from Ur to Byzantium

Excerpts from visitors' letters

"... it is unforgettable. These two months of the exhibition were a feast...done with love for the people...that is why it has been such a success and made such an impression. It gave me the impulse to go on living."

Swetlana F. Pokrovskaja, ecologist
Moscow. 24 June 1993

"...I visited your exhibition two or three times a week despite my ...sick legs. The aesthetic, educational, human influence ... on the soul cannot be overestimated. The appropriate placing gave the effect of perception,...I have understood the exhibition as a living substance that touched me widely and deeply. Mr. Ortiz, thank you for the possibility of seeing the origins of human culture, Thank you for your enthusiasm, energy and craftsmanship!"

Sofia Iosifivna Willim, member of the Architect's Union, St. Petersburg. 14 April 1993

"This is the best avant-garde."


"I am incredibly grateful to you for a nice gift you have made to my soul."

Jrada Nadjarova, University professor Baku
30 May 1993

"My wife and I are both artists, we visited your exhibition three times. I have been visiting museums all over the country for more than 65 years, though I do not remember enjoyment and impressions of the same intensity. The person who created this collection is congenial to all the great artists whose magical works he collected.

I hope...other artists will not only understand and feel the 'language' of the art, but also use it. That language belongs to all nations and ages."

M. Rabinovich, Moscow
27 June 1993

"Thank you, God, for such people, as Mr. Ortiz... passionate, gifted, loving, generous. Thank you Mr. Ortiz for exhibiting all these wonderful objects so beloved by you, and now by us."

Valentina Zemskova, Moscow
23 June 1993

A selection of public letters following the exhibition